Caveday in NYC



Classic Cavedays are on hiatus for the summer. But fear not! We're running half day focus sessions so you can get your brain tan and your beach tan.  

NYC Half day Caves every Monday morning and Wednesday evening

Global Remote Caves on Fridays.

Spend your time well this summer. 


DROP IN / DAY OF - $25





  • Hosted in Breather locations in the Flatiron district
    *specific location sent day-of*

  • Every Monday from 9:30am - 1pm

  • Every Wednesday from 6pm - 9:30pm

  • Runs June 5 - August 31

  • 3 work sprints + breaks

  • Food & beverage not provided



How does the 1 month pass work?
The 1 month pass gets you unlimited access to events for 30 days starting the day of purchase.

How does the Unlimited pass work?
You can sign up for all Summer caves from June 5 - August 31st using your log-in.

How does the Drop In pass work?
Purchase a one time day-of pass to join us in the cave. Once you purchase a pass, we will send you the details about where to join us.

What do I do if I registered and can't make it?
Please cancel your spot to make room for people on the wait list.

I haven't heard where you're hosting today! Can you help?
We'll send out details about 3-4 hours before each event. If you haven't heard from us, you can send us an email at

I would like a refund on my 1 month or Summer Unlimited pass.
At this time, we cannot offer refunds on these passes. You're welcome to give the gift of productivity to a friend and let them use it, if you let us know first so we can transfer the name. We will not allow two Cavedwellers to use the same account.