Improving our relationship with work

It’s a day of heads-down, facilitated, distraction-free productivity so you can treat yourself to prioritize YOU and getting your personal work done.  We’ll help you learn how to focus better, ship faster, and accomplish more than you thought you could.

Finish that screenplay. Clean your inbox. Write thank you cards.  Map out a business idea. Make a plan and then join us to start crossing things off.


Join us at one of our events and we’ll provide you with:

  • -Structure to keep you engaged all day without distractions
  • -Tools to push through resistance and ship faster-
  • -Tasty meals, snacks, and caffeine
  • A place to meet new friends, future collaborators and like-minded weekend warriors-
  • Helpful staff and coaches ready to support/guide/inspire if you get stuck-

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    Our Philosophy

    No one sat us down to teach us how to get our work done. We’re all self-taught. We’ve all developed our own habits and practices around work. Many of them don’t serve us properly.

    We were trained to believe false productivity myths along the way: that more hours equals better work. Or open office environments maximize creativity and productivity. That taking breaks is unproductive. That an email must be read and responded to the minute it lands in your inbox.

    But there is a better way.

    We believe when our relationship to work gets better, so do our lives. A better relationship to work means we’re more satisfied with our productivity and the work itself. It means more time for relationships with those we love. And it means more time for a healthier relationship with ourselves – to take care of our needs, develop stronger identities, and create more impact.

    Our mission is to improve quality of life by improving quality of work.

    Cave Passes

    Join our classic cave in NYC or LA for a full day of productivity training and deep focus to help you push through your work.


    Refund policy
    We know that schedules change and things happen. If you bought a pass but can’t make it, we’re happy to offer you refund until one week before the event. Passes are always transferrable in case you’d prefer to give the gift of productivity to a friend (just let us know first).




    Got a big deadline coming up? Need to make maximum progress with your team to push that project across the finish line?

    Let us host an offsite Caveday for you and your team. We work with groups of 5-15, facilitating deep work and helping organizations get more done in less time. We’ll customize the day to fit your team’s schedule and tackle the biggest blockers in the way of getting your best work done. If you think it’s time to change the way you work, let us help.

    Send us an email and let us know a little bit about your team or goals. We’ll follow up to discuss a custom plan for you. (We do respond to every message we get, please be patient if you haven’t heard back from us.)

    • “It was the most productive and positive I’ve felt on a Sunday since I can remember. Better believe I’ll snag tickets to the next event!”

    • “What a great crew! I had a amazing time and got a lot done.”

    • “The curators of this event have really done a great job at getting it right. Know you’re in good hands, working alongside creators sharing the advice they’ve been giving/taking themselves.”

    • “This is an amazing community– we’re so grateful to have found it and excited for the next one.”

    • “It was amazing how having other people around motivated me”


    Hm. I don’t have one BIG thing to work on. 
    That’s okay! Bring a few things. We only ask you completely finish a task before moving on. 

    What kind of work can I do?
    Anything that can fit in a desk area and won’t disturb other people.

    What’s it going to be like?
    We’ll start by settings goals for the day. Throughout the day will be leading sprints and breaks to help you develop stronger work habits. There will also be an energy room, coaches, and facilitators on hand if you want to chat through something or get feedback.

    Who is this for? 
    Any human who wants to get stuff done! It doesn’t have to be creative. Polish a trophy for 8 hours for all we care, as long as it feels productive to you!

    What about food?
    We’ll provide coffee, snacks and a healthy lunch.

    Can I do work with a team?
    As long as you can do so without speaking out loud (i.e. chat/slack/etc), it’s cool with us!

    Can I get a refund?
    Yes. But because we often sell out our events and plan the day based on how many people are coming, we cannot offer a refund less than 1 week before the event. You can email us if there are any questions or problems. We don’t offer credit for future events at this time.

    Who are you and why are you doing this?
    We are Molly Sonsteng, Jake Kahana and Jeremy Redleaf. We met through mysterious happenstance and bonded over our love of building communities of thoughtful people. It brings us joy to be of service to people going after the scary things they really want. We make things like: feature films, anti-brunch communities, inconspicuous games, VR for seniorsmystery communities and tiny smores kits.