Who is this for?

Cavedwellers who thrive with accountability and support and want to stretch themselves to reach more of their goals.

What's the vibe?

Precision. This for elite performers. Firm boundaries and a smile will be provided for your benefit. We'll be using a $1 charge to create friction around missed agreements, missed tasks, check-ins, lateness, etc. If you pay more than $3 in a cycle, you'll have to sit out the next month.

What's the opportunity?

To be able to truly know you're moving towards your goals in a balanced way. To be able to use the energy and power of the group to achieve things that are important but never quite get done. To be a part of an elite squad who supports each other.

What are the agreements?

  • To do everything in your power to complete your tasks

  • To open yourself to coaching if you're struggling.

  • To send good vibes towards your Cave Squad

How does it work with the coach?

You can email the coach at anytime for support. You'll also have a cave squad buddy you can check in with. If you want something more individualized, you can book a 45 minute one-on-one for an additional fee.

Can you just give me some logistics already?

Sure! It's 2 Video Calls and Weekly Email Check-ins.

First Call: Tuesday October 1st at 8pm EST at bit.ly/remotecave

Closing Call: Thursday October 31st at 8:45pm bit.ly/remotecave

Can't attend? See FAQ below


  • Meet Your Dashboard - caveday.org/homebase

  • Fill out your GOALS tab. You are COMMITTING to doing whatever it takes to finish the goals you enter in Important/Urgent/Health/Soul. Anything you do not want to commit to doing goes in: REACHES/LOW PRIORITY

  • Make sure all your goals are S.M.A.R.T Goals (Small, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound). You need to know when you've completed it.

    If you don't know all of your goals for the month because they're contingent on a future situation, write all the tasks you know. You can add throughout the month, but anything you add, you're committing to finishing. At the minimum, you need to fill out the first week.

    If a goal is personal and you don't want it to be known, use a code word.

    You will have time to revise your goals after the first call

    • Beware of OVER-SCOPING what is possible. It is an art-form.


What if I can't make the first call?

For this round, it's mandatory. If you're going to be late to the call, let the coach know, pay $1, and we'll make it work.

What if I can't make the second call?

We'll ask you to record a short video about your month that we can share with the team.

Now that I'm reading this I'm not sure this is for me.

Okay! Is it your resistance or something else? Happy to talk it out.